Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Then "good" ice

You know the ice, the soft (if you can describe ice as soft) pellets that fill your glass at some restaurants. The kind that pack so tightly into your cup that one long draw on the straw empties it of the 5cc's of cola that filled its minor voids. The kind served by the likes of Cookout, Zaxbys, and Sonic.  You know the ice?


That is the name for that style of ice, as named by the Follet Ice company.

So how do you make chewblet ice?

"Chewblet ice is formed on the interior wall of a barrel-shaped evaporator. A rotating
auger gently removes the ice from the evaporator wall and extrudes it through a
compression nozzle to remove unfrozen water. From the nozzle, ice is pushed into a
transport tube and distributed to a bin or dispenser up to 20 feet or more away.
The result is Chewblet ice, uniformly shaped pieces of chewable ice, higher in
quality than other forms of extruded ice, and more reliably dispensed."

via the Follet Ice 3300 series Chewblet machine brochure

This ice has achieved a cult following, and hopefully will be more common in the future.

It is faster, uses lessenergy adn water than cube machines, and the consumer prefers it!

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